From art to matter

29 MARCH - 23 MAY 2024

The gallery STAY TUNED & Château Saint-Maur Cru ClasséFor spring 2024, the Musée d'art contemporain de Paris and the Musée de l'art contemporain de Paris are joining forces to bring you Réflexion - an off-the-beaten-track exhibition featuring five women artists. The exhibition will feature works by Tiffany Bouelle, Meryl Yana, Melinda Infante, Isabelle d'Assignies and Isabella Amrameach exploring the importance of material, texture and light in their compositions. 

The STAY TUNED gallery has given these talented artists carte blanche to re-imagine various artistic media, offering new perspectives to transform and sublimate the interior spaces of the winery, while preserving the minimalist philosophy and simplicity of the premises. 

Each artist was asked to give his or her own personal interpretation of the notion of reflection, and to draw inspiration from the space in which their work was to be exhibited, in order to transcribe the textures, mediums and light essential to their creation. Celebrating materials and the play of light, the artists used the narrative power of textures and media in their compositions to connect with past traditions. They have found common ground between cultures, journeys, time and place, to breathe stories into the materials.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to celebrate artists who contribute to the development of art, questioning its limits around a variety of subjects, where light and texture are the very essence.

Free admission.

For all information and press enquiries about the exhibition:

Victoire MONROSE: + 41 79 926 48 08 - vmonrose@staytunedgallery - www.staytunedgallery.com

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Tiffany Bouelle is a multi-disciplinary Franco-Japanese artist who creates works with abstract forms and a colourful palette. Intimate and committed, they tell of shared moments in life, women's stories, words and ideas that the artist gathers from her encounters. At the heart of her process is writing, the guardian of words and thoughts, followed by drawing, which exhausts the subject to reduce it to its essentials, and finally the simple, pure line, calligraphed in acrylic or Japanese watercolour.

Her meticulous, choreographed practice is akin to reclaiming the body and mind, a search for harmony.

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Meryl Yana is a young artist of Israeli origin based in London. The artist has used material processes and the principles of palimpsest to create pieces rooted in the history of art.

in the distinctive acts of erasure, concealment and layering that define most archaeological finds. She creates works whose physical transformation she hoped would contain both the past and the present, functioning not as a record but rather as a testimony to the possibilities of time. Indeed, one of the most surprising aspects of Yana's work is the extent to which she can predict the visual outcome of her experiments. She is guided not so much by an idea of image as by her physical encounter with the laws of chance.


Melinda Infante passionately explores various textures and materials such as clay, rope and thread, evoking the life and nuances of skin textures. She currently chooses Japanese or Latin American paper, selected for its unique texture and distinctive fibrousness. Using these materials, she creates works in which repeated motifs evoke the pulse of life. Each cut, fold and shade of paper becomes a visual narrative, guiding her creative process. Melinda defines herself as an intimate artist, entrusting her deepest emotions to her creations.

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Isabelle D'Assignies was born in Saint-Etienne in 1958. After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Mâcon in 1981, she worked on figurative sculptures in earthenware.

In the euphoria of the 1980s, his stoneware and ceramics were an instant success. In 1987, a studio accident turned his life upside down.

his work. One night in February, frost blew away all the sculptures waiting to be fired in the studio. In the morning, Isabelle d'Assignies discovered all her works.

figurative forms, broken down into strata, revealing a fantastic material... which leads the artist to realise that figuration, figurative form, have had a profound effect on him.

kept away from the material. This workshop accident was a turning point. From then on, she decided to continue in the direction that chance had taken her... she interrupted

all his exhibitions, so that he can freely pursue his sculptures made with matter, nature, time and chance...

isabelle dAssignies in her workshop


Isabella Lolita Amram is a Turkish and Venezuelan painter living in London. Everything, from the preparation of materials to the use of colour and scale, from a piece reworked or left alone to the use of her body, is part of this ritual. She uses ritual as a means of inducing and dealing with states of transformation and uncertainty, through material and bodily gestures of disintegration, embodiment and lasting immobility. In this way, the work is oriented as a creative process in which the body is in constant movement. Her work draws heavily on concepts and symbols associated with the occult: death, loss, fear, emptiness, fire, energy, divination, the void, black holes, subconscious states such as sleep and meditation, myths, astrological archetypes, play and the unconscious.

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IsabellaAmramThe More I Describe It the Vaguer it Gets detail5
IsabellaAmramThe Embrace Of Darkness Entered Their Minds