Since 2011, we have been producing white, rosé and red wines of the highest quality, drawing on the richness of the exceptional terroir, between the gentle slopes of the hills and the light air of the sea surrounding Château Saint-Maur. Our philosophy of making recognized Crus Classés is based on the great care we take of each vine and the requirement to harvest healthy and balanced grapes.

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A high fashion approach

The Château Saint-Maur grows exceptional grapes. We work the vines in order to perpetuate a thousand-year-old wine-making expertise.The Château integrates the codes of the top-of-the-range hotel industry to satisfy the taste of the most refined palates.

Every memory has a flavour

Marc Monrose

Cru classé

A prestigious distinction

Château Saint-Maur isone of the eighteenth estates in Provence to be awarded with the Cru Classé label since 1955,before the appellation Côtes de Provence was even created in 1977. This distinction guaranteesthe excellence of our terroir and expertiseand justify our notoriety.

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail."

Leonardo da Vinci
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