A winter at Château Saint-Maur Cru Classé

St Maur Moutons HD 005 scaled

preparing the vineyard for spring

At Château Saint-Maur, this year the pruning of the vines, which has just started at the beginning of February, continues until March. This practice consists of selecting and eliminating shoots, shoots and buds, and thus orienting the way in which the vine is managed in order to tame it, to control its natural vigour and production in order to obtain a qualitative fruiting.

The vine is a creeper which must be mastered, it must not be forgotten. This stage is therefore essential. The wood and shoots that are removed are crushed and buried. Depending on the plot, the vine shoots are bent and then tied up, while the soil is worked and grassed over. From mid-March onwards, we will have the joy of seeing the vines awaken and the first buds appear.


We let sheep graze in our vineyards in winter, when they are not likely to eat the green shoots. They will mowing the grass between the rows and bring naturally of manure for enriching the soil