12 JULY - 23 AUGUST 2024

The gallery STAY TUNED & the Château Saint-Maur Cru Classé wine estate nestling in the hills

in the village of Cogolin, opposite the village of Grimaud in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, are renewing their

collaboration for the summer of 2024 to bring you the work of PATRICK ROGER, an unmissable artist in his field.

The exhibition focuses on light and matter, values dear and important to the artist's heart. Set in a unique architectural setting that highlights the importance of light and matter in these Provençal landscapes, the exhibition is the third of its kind to be held in the vineyard.

It aims to answer the following question: What role do texture, mediums and light play in the artist's creation? To help answer this question, the gallery STAY TUNED has given Patrick Roger carte blanche to re-imagine the space while integrating his sculptures, offering new perspectives to transform and sublimate the interior spaces, while retaining the minimalist philosophy and simplicity of the premises that inspired us to conceive this exhibition.

Spread over three levels and more than 500 m2 of exhibition space in the gardens of the Château Saint-Maur estate, the artist is unveiling his work in this exhibition.

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Free admission.

For all information and press enquiries about the exhibition:

Victoire MONROSE: + 41 79 926 48 08 - vmonrose@staytunedgallery

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A renowned chocolatier, Patrick Roger explores the sensual and fragile possibilities of chocolate. Sculpting this gourmet texture opened up the world to him. He then went on to sculpt other materials such as metal and aluminium, forging mirrors and bronzes. The material offers infinite forms and illusions. His increasingly monumental works, combining the abstract with the figurative, watch over his studio like ghostly figures, questioning the extinction of the great species or the destruction of the environment by man, right down to the impalpable foundations of matter.

Playing with the complexity of forms, gravity, balance and raw or polished materials, Patrick Roger invites visitors to take a magnificent stroll. The simplicity of the architecture and the complexity of the materials used intertwine with purity and simplicity, creating an effortless dialogue between the works, the architecture of the vineyard and its values, combining tradition and modernism.

This exhibition aims to stimulate the visitor's creativity and create an atmosphere that enriches the customer's experience by providing an emotional resonance. Our aim is to share similar objectives by combining tangible comfort with the intangible aspects of social interaction, in order to trigger emotions. United by the desire to inspire beautiful stories, we believe that art will enhance creativity and communication so that guests feel something enriching, while relaxing and enjoying their stay.